Lotus Notes 6 Jewish holidays download

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Lotus Notes is not supported by hebcal.com. These instructions were provided by hebcal.com user Bruce Kahn. Your mileage may vary. Start Notes Create a new mail memo Attach the iCalendar file you just downloaded and save the memo as Draft Open the Draft memo up and right click on the attachment From the popup select… Read more »

Palm Desktop 4.1.4 Jewish holidays download

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Follow these instructions to add a Hebcal Jewish holiday calendar 5-year feed to the old version of Palm Desktop 4.1.4. Note that these instructions do not work for the newer Palm Desktop 6.2. If you are using the newer version, please instead use our . First, you’ll need to download a Palm Date Book Archive… Read more »

USA Holidays for Palm DBA

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Some folks have asked about USA holidays such as Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc. Download DateBook+ Holiday updater from PdaWax.com and follow the instructions enclosed in the zip file.

BlackBerry Jewish holidays download – macOS

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Follow these instructions to subscribe to a Hebcal Jewish Calendar 5-year feed for BlackBerry Desktop Manager on macOS: First, . Connect your BlackBerry device to your computer. On your computer, in the Applications folder, click the BlackBerry Desktop Manager icon. In the Information section in the left pane, click Calendar. In the Sync Calendar field,… Read more »

Google Calendar alternative instructions – Jewish holidays download

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If you’re having difficulty using the default instructions, here is an alternative technique to try that replaces the “subscribe” step with downloading and uploading. Note that this technique requires a laptop/desktop computer (macOS, Windows, Linux), and generally will not work on a tablet or a phone. This technique is also used for Yahrzeit + Anniversary calendars, which… Read more »