Jewish holiday calendars in Hebrew

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It’s easy to create a calendar in Hebrew instead of transliterations. First, go to our custom calendar page at Next, change the Event titles option from the default (Sephardic transliterations) to Hebrew – עברית. Then, set up the rest of your options as you desire, and click Create Calendar. After that, you’ll see the calendar of Jewish holidays, and… Read more »

Number of years in Hebcal calendar feed subscriptions

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We’ve made changes to the number of years included in our calendar subscription feeds. Previously all feeds were 5 years long. Now, depending on options you select to include extra events, feeds may be shortened to only two years. Calendars exported from Hebcal to Google Calendar or other services that support iCalendar subscription feeds are typically… Read more »

Printing out Hebcal Jewish calendars

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Pages generated by the Interactive Jewish Calendar can be printed very easily on standard 8.5×11″ paper. Just try “Print Preview” and you’ll see what it looks like. You can print out an entire year at a time and each month will end up on a separate sheet. We also offer a simple Print PDF feature that… Read more »

Sigd holiday November 10-11, 2016

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Hebcal recently added support for Sigd, which is a modern holiday observed in the state of Israel beginning in 2008. If you enabled the modern holidays feature in Hebcal, you’ll see an event for Sigd this year. Sigd begins at sundown on Tue, 10 November 2015.


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