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Daily learning: Mishneh Torah and Chofetz Chaim

We’re pleased to announce two new daily learning calendars on

The Daily Rambam is a learning program that divides Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah legal code into daily units, to complete the whole work in three years. We offer the one chapter a day schedule. We plan to also offer the 3-chapters-per-day schedule.

The Sefer Chofetz Chaim deals with the Jewish ethics and laws of speech. This cycle takes 1/3 of a year to complete. The book is divided into 119 parts in a regular year and 129 parts in a leap year. We plan to offer a daily learning schedule for the related text Shemirat HaLashon.

You will find both Daily Rambam and Daily Chofetz Chaim calendar feeds on our calendar downloads page. You’ll be able to subscribe to perpetual calendar updates on iPhone, iPad, Android (via Google Calendar), Outlook, macOS Desktop Calendar, or any app that supports iCalendar (.ics) feeds.

Displaying today’s Omer count

If you’d like to display today’s Omer count on your website and you’re comfortable with a bit of Javascript, you can use a snippet like this:

To display the Omer count in another language, change the &lg=s to another supported language code (for example h for Hebrew, es for Spanish, etc).

If you’d like to display the long omer count in English or Hebrew, you can dislay item.omer.count.en or item.omer.count.he

  • he: “הַיוֹם שְׁמוֹנָה עָשָׂר יוֹם, שְׁהֵם שְׁנֵי שָׁבוּעוֹת וְאַרְבָּעָה יָמִים לָעוֹמֶר”,
  • en: “Today is 18 days, which is 2 weeks and 4 days of the Omer”

See also item.omer.sefira.he, .en, and .translit.

  • he: “נֶּֽצַח שֶׁבְּתִּפאֶרֶת”,
  • translit: “Netzach sheb’Tiferet”,
  • en: “Eternity within Beauty”

Reinstalling Hebcal for Apple Watch

If you install Hebcal for your Apple Watch and then delete it, it may be difficult to reinstall. This problem occurs because the Hebcal watch app does not have a companion iPhone app.

To reinstall the app on your watch, you won’t be able to use the App Store on your iPhone. Instead, you will need to open the App Store on the watch itself and search for (and install) Hebcal.

Press the Digital Crown to see the Home screen, then tap the App Store.

Then, search for Hebcal, and you will see a screen like the following:

If you’ve downloaded the Hebcal app before, you’ll see a blue cloud icon with an arrow pointing downwards. Tap the blue cloud download icon to download and install the Hebcal app on your watch.

Or, you may see a small blue “GET” button if the watch believes the Hebcal app has never been downloaded to your watch. Tap the GET button to download and install the Hebcal app on your watch.

Then, tap the blue Open button to launch Hebcal.

Chanting Torah – audio of parsha

In addition to providing details about the weekly Torah readings, Hebcal makes it convenient to listen to the audio of a professional cantor chanting Torah trope.

If you visit the Hebcal parsha pages from a larger display (desktop/laptop computer or a tablet), you can click the speaker icon to visit Sefaria‘s embedded PocketTorah audio.

The Sefaria native mobile app does not currently support the PocketTorah audio, so the Hebcal speaker icons are not displayed on mobile phones. The audio is displayed only on Sefaria website and depends on a larger screen, such as a desktop/laptop computer or a tablet.

For many years, Hebcal linked to audio provided by the World ORT “Navigating the Bible II” website. Unfortunately, after 20+ years on the Internet, the ORT website stopped working in July/August 2022.

If you liked Navigating the Bible, you can use the aforementioned Sefaria integration. Or, you might consider trying an alternative, such as PocketTorah (free) or TropeTrainer (not free, but very high quality). Hebcal is not affiliated with World ORT or with TropeTrainer or PocketTorah.

Original post from May 2013

We’re pleased to share that ORT’s Navigating the Bible website has been upgraded to MP3. For many years, has linked to ORT’s excellent site for Torah readings with Hebrew, translation, transliteration and chanting.

When released 13+ years ago, ORT’s trope/chanting audio was based on a format called RealAudio. Unfortunately, RealAudio doesn’t work very well on modern devices like tablets.

As of May 2013, ORT has upgraded to MP3 – a more modern audio format. Users can listen to individual verses or download whole readings to listen to on their phones, tablets or other mp3 players.

Our sincere thanks to Vladimir Dribinskiy, ORT’s Chief Program Officer, and to the entire World ORT team!