Parashat Chukat · Diaspora

This week's Torah portion () is Chukat in the Diaspora · Balak in Israel 🇮🇱

Chukat (“Law Of”) opens by describing the process of burning the red heifer and using its ashes for purification. It also tells the stories of the deaths of Miriam and Aaron, Moses’ striking of a rock to bring forth water, a plague of venomous snakes, and battles against the Emorite kings Sihon and Og. [1]

Torah Readings

Weekly Torah readings (Parashat ha-Shavua) including verses for each aliyah and accompanying Haftarah. Includes traditional (full kriyah), triennial and weekday readings.

Parashat ha-Shavua by Hebrew year

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Download leyning spreadsheet aliyah-by-aliyah breakdown of Torah readings

Leyning coordinators can download these Comma Separated Value (CSV) files and import into Microsoft Excel or some other spreadsheet program.

  • The Full Kriyah CSV files contain Torah & Haftara readings for Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh, holidays and fast days.
  • The Weekday CSV files contain Torah readings for Mondays & Thursdays (and Shabbat mincha) when those days don't co-occur with one of the events above. In other words, these files are intended to be mutually exclusive with the Full Kriyah Shabbat/holiday files.
  • Triennial CSV files are available for the Diaspora only, as the USCJ/RA has not published aliyah-by-aliyah tables that follow the Israeli sedra scheme.

Example content:

25-Oct-2003Bereshit1Genesis 1:1 – 2:334
25-Oct-2003Bereshit2Genesis 2:4 – 2:1916
25-Oct-2003Bereshit3Genesis 2:20 – 3:2127
25-Oct-2003Bereshit4Genesis 3:22 – 4:1821
25-Oct-2003Bereshit5Genesis 4:19 – 4:224
25-Oct-2003Bereshit6Genesis 4:23 – 5:2428
25-Oct-2003Bereshit7Genesis 5:25 – 6:816
25-Oct-2003BereshitmafGenesis 6:5 – 6:84
25-Oct-2003BereshitHaftaraIsaiah 42:5 – 43:11
1-Nov-2003Noach1Genesis 6:9 – 6:2214
1-Nov-2003Noach2Genesis 7:1 – 7:1616
1-Nov-2003Noach3Genesis 7:17 – 8:1422
1-Nov-2003Noach4Genesis 8:15 – 9:715
1-Nov-2003Noach5Genesis 9:8 – 9:1710
1-Nov-2003Noach6Genesis 9:18 – 10:3244
1-Nov-2003Noach7Genesis 11:1 – 11:3232
1-Nov-2003NoachmafGenesis 11:29 – 11:324
1-Nov-2003NoachHaftaraIsaiah 54:1 – 55:5