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Zmanim (halachic times) iCalendar feed

We are pleased to offer an experimental Zmanim (halachic times) iCalendar feed. Many calendar desktop, mobile or web apps support the iCalendar (.ICS file extension) format.

You can specify your location using a numeric ID, a United States ZIP code, or a geographic position (location specified by latitude, longitude, and timezone). You’ll find details on how to specify the location parameters on the Zmanim (halachic times) API page.

By default, event titles use a Sephardic transliteration. Append &lg=LANG to the URL to render the events titles using an alternate event language.

Option 1: All zmanim in a single daily untimed event

The basic URL format of the feeds is this:


The calendar feed will contain zmanim for the next 90 days. There will be a single all-day (untimed) event with the Hebrew date, and the description/notes will contain all times. Here is an example event:

Option 2: Timed events

If you would prefer approximately 20 timed events per day, we offer an alternate feed format using this alternate URL format (note /zmanim instead of /zmanim2 above):


The calendar feed will contain events for the next 60 days. Each event represents only a single halachic time.

Here’s an example of the events included in the calendar feed:

Option 3: Sunrise and Sunset only

An alternate feed which contains only sunrise and sunset events is available using URL format like this (note /sunrs instead of /zmanim2 above):


In this variation, there are only two events per day.