Number of years in Hebcal calendar feed subscriptions

We’ve made changes to the number of years included in our calendar subscription feeds. Previously all feeds were 5 years long. Now, depending on options you select to include extra events, feeds may be shortened to only two years.

Calendars exported from Hebcal to Google Calendar or other services that support iCalendar subscription feeds are typically “perpetual”. That is, they contain events for the current year (Gregorian or Hebrew) plus some number of years into the future. Our calendars typically have 5 years of events (current year plus 4 years into the future).

Size limitations imposed by Google and other calendar clients require that we limit the number of events per feed.  The total number of years is now reduced to 4 years if you check some options that include many events (“Candle lighting times”, “Days of the Omer” or “Show Hebrew date for dates with some event”) or 2 years if you check options that include one event every day of the year (“Daf Yomi” or “Show Hebrew date every day of the year”).

Note that if you’d like to include the Hebrew date for every day of the year, you can subscribe to that calendar via a separate calendar feed at our Jewish Holiday downloads page. Look for Hebrew calendar dates (English) or Hebrew calendar dates (Hebrew).

An added advantage of this approach is that you can choose separate colors in Google Calendar or iOS/iCloud calendar for the daily calendar event feed.