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Hebcal by voice on the Amazon Echo/Alexa

amazon echo alexa We are pleased to announce that we have released an Alexa Skill for Hebcal for users with an Amazon Echo device.

Skills are new voice-driven capabilities that enhance the functionality of your Alexa device. Turning on the Hebcal skill lets you ask questions such as:

  • Alexa, ask Hebcal when Shabbat starts.
  • Alexa, ask Hebcal for candle lighting times in 02906.
  • Alexa, ask Hebcal for the Torah portion.
  • Alexa, ask Hebcal when is Chanukah in 2018?
  • Alexa, ask Hebcal for today’s Hebrew date.
  • Alexa, ask Hebcal for the Omer count.
  • Alexa, ask Hebcal for Daf Yomi.
  • Alexa, ask Hebcal to convert October 20th.
  • Alexa, ask Hebcal when is Rosh Chodesh?
  • Alexa, open Hebcal.

Hebcal is pronounced HEEB-kal, as in HEBrew CALendar.

To turn on the Hebcal skill, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Open the left navigation panel, and then select Skills.
  3. Scroll through the list of available skills. When you want to go to a different page, select Next or Previous at the bottom of the list.
    Tip: You can also use the Search bar to find a specific skill, or sort skills by title, average customer review, or release date.
  4. When you see a skill you want to use, select Enable.

Look for new features in the coming months. We’re planning to add candle-lighting times for Shabbat and holidays, Daf Yomi, and more. Update March 2016 – these features are now available!

If you have a suggestion for what you’d like to see in the Hebcal Alexa Skill, please share your feedback with us!

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