What is Havdalah (or, When does Shabbat end)?

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Shabbat ends after sundown on Saturday night when there are three stars visible. Depending on latitude and longitude, this is usually between 42 and 72 minutes after sundown. According to Wikipedia, There are three widely observed practices, all of which have support in the halachic literature: Appearance of three medium-sized stars in the sky (sun… Read more »

If I use 72 minutes for Havdalah, why are Havdalah times ~90 minutes later than the previous day’s candle-lighting time?

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Shabbat begins 18 minutes before sundown on Friday night. Havdalah is 72 minutes after sundown on Saturday night. So in a given week, Havdalah time is typically 90 minutes after the previous day’s candle-lighting time (18 + 72 = 90). Sometimes there’s an extra minute or two difference, and that’s due to sunset actually differing… Read more »

How accurate are candle lighting times?

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Hebcal computes sunset based on an algorithm provided by the U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO). The USNO claims accuracy within 2 minutes except at extreme northern or southern latitudes. Comparison to local NWS charts for sunrise and sunset (which are cheap and easy to come by) shows that with the double precision calculations, the charts produced by… Read more »

How are candle lighting times determined from my zip code?

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Since candle lighting times are determined from latitude and longitude, a process called geocoding is used to determine the geographic position of a zip code. Our zip code database comes from the 1999 ZIP Code file from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Gazetteer project. The Gazetteer data from 1999 is much more complete than their data from… Read more »

What cities outside of the USA are available?

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Candle-lighting and Havdalah times are available for the following 54 cities: Ashdod (31d48′ N lat, 34d38′ E long, GMT +2:00, israel) Atlanta (33d45′ N lat, 84d23′ W long, GMT -5:00, usa) Austin (30d16′ N lat, 97d45′ W long, GMT -6:00, usa) Baghdad (33d14′ N lat, 44d22′ E long, GMT +3:00, eu) Beer Sheva (31d15′ N… Read more »

How can I look up candle-lighting times for any city in the world?

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Example: how to find candle-lighting times for San Jose, Costa Rica. Go to the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names at http://www.getty.edu/research/tools/vocabulary/tgn/ Type “San Jose” in the Find box and click “Search” button Click on the link that says “San Jose, Costa Rica, inhabited place” Note the latitude/longitude represented in “degrees minutes direction” (in the example… Read more »

Lotus Notes 6 Jewish holidays download

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Lotus Notes is not supported by hebcal.com. These instructions were provided by hebcal.com user Bruce Kahn. Your mileage may vary. Start Notes Create a new mail memo Attach the iCalendar file you just downloaded and save the memo as Draft Open the Draft memo up and right click on the attachment From the popup select… Read more »

Palm Desktop 4.1.4 Jewish holidays download

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Follow these instructions to add a Hebcal Jewish holiday calendar 5-year feed to the old version of Palm Desktop 4.1.4. Note that these instructions do not work for the newer Palm Desktop 6.2. If you are using the newer version, please instead use our . First, you’ll need to download a Palm Date Book Archive… Read more »

USA Holidays for Palm DBA

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Some folks have asked about USA holidays such as Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc. Download DateBook+ Holiday updater from PdaWax.com and follow the instructions enclosed in the zip file.

BlackBerry Jewish holidays download – Mac OS X

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Follow these instructions to subscribe to a Hebcal Jewish Calendar 5-year feed for BlackBerry Desktop Manager on Mac OS X: First, . Connect your BlackBerry device to your computer. On your computer, in the Applications folder, click the BlackBerry Desktop Manager icon. In the Information section in the left pane, click Calendar. In the Sync… Read more »