First day of Chanukah on Christmas

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As many have noted, the first day of Chanukah coincided with Christmas this year (December 25, 2016). This happens approximately three times each century. Prior to this year, the most recent occurrence was in 1978, and the next time this will happen will be in 2027. For completeness, here are the co-occurrences of the first day… Read more »

Yom HaAliyah / יום העלייה

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We’ve added a new modern holiday, Yom HaAliyah (יום העלייה). Yom HaAliyah recognizes Aliyah, immigration to the Jewish State of Israel. More info from Wikipedia: Yom HaAliyah (Aliyah Day) (Hebrew: יום העליה) is an Israeli national holiday celebrated annually on the seventh of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan, to commemorate the historic events which happened on… Read more »

Jewish holiday calendars in Hebrew

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It’s easy to create a calendar in Hebrew instead of transliterations. First, go to our custom calendar page at Next, change the Event titles option from the default (Sephardic transliterations) to Hebrew – עברית. Then, set up the rest of your options as you desire, and click Create Calendar. After that, you’ll see the calendar of Jewish holidays, and… Read more »

Blackbaud Jewish holiday calendar

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Follow these instructions to add a Hebcal Jewish holiday calendar feed to Blackbaud for your school. Open a web browser and navigate to Fill out the form with your preferences and click the Create Calendar button Click the Download… button Select the iCalendar option from the Download dialog box Open your Blackbaud management website. Go to Core -> Settings -> Manage Calendar – >… Read more »

Number of years in Hebcal calendar feed subscriptions

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We’ve made changes to the number of years included in our calendar subscription feeds. Previously all feeds were 5 years long. Now, depending on options you select to include extra events, feeds may be shortened to only two years. Calendars exported from Hebcal to Google Calendar or other services that support iCalendar subscription feeds are typically… Read more »