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Example: how to find candle-lighting times for San Jose, Costa Rica.

  1. Go to the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names at
  2. Type “San Jose” in the Find box and click “Search” button
  3. Click on the link that says “San Jose, Costa Rica, inhabited place”
  4. Note the latitude/longitude represented in “degrees minutes direction” (in the example of San Jose, Costa Rica it is Lat: 09 56 N and Long: 084 05 W) and write this information down on a sheet of paper
  5. Go to the Hebcal Interactive Jewish Calendar at
  6. In the “Candle lighting times” section, click on the link that says “select by latitude/longitude
  7. Type the latitude and longitude into the form (9 degrees, 56 minutes North Latitude, 84 degrees 5 minutes West Longitude)
  8. Select the Time zone and Daylight Saving Time options specific to your location
  9. Click “Get Calendar” button at the bottom of the form