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Mishna Yomi

We’re pleased to announce support for Mishna Yomi! This 6-year program of daily learning includes two Mishnayot each day in order to finish the entire Mishnah.

Mishna Yomi is also referred to as משנה יומית, Mishnah Yomi, Mishna Yomit, or Mishna Yomis. You can subscribe to the 7-year calendar feed here:

Here is an example of what the calendar looks like.

January 2022


Berakhot 3:2-3

Berakhot 3:4-5

Berakhot 3:6-4:1

Berakhot 4:2-3

Berakhot 4:4-5

Berakhot 4:6-7

Berakhot 5:1-2

Berakhot 5:3-4

Berakhot 5:5-6:1

Berakhot 6:2-3

Berakhot 6:4-5

Berakhot 6:6-7

Berakhot 6:8-7:1

Berakhot 7:2-3

Berakhot 7:4-5

Berakhot 8:1-2

Berakhot 8:3-4

Berakhot 8:5-6

Berakhot 8:7-8

Berakhot 9:1-2

Berakhot 9:3-4

Berakhot 9:5-Peah 1:1

Peah 1:2-3

Peah 1:4-5

Peah 1:6-2:1

Peah 2:2-3

Peah 2:4-5

Peah 2:6-7

Peah 2:8-3:1

Peah 3:2-3

Peah 3:4-5

Enjoy your learning!

Outlook for Microsoft 365 for Mac Jewish holidays download

This page includes instructions on how to subscribe to a Hebcal Jewish holiday calendar 5-year feed in Outlook for Microsoft 365 for Mac, Outlook 2021 for Mac, Outlook 2019 for Mac, and Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Microsoft now recommends that you sync your account to the Microsoft Cloud. “Available for Google, Yahoo, iCloud, and IMAP accounts in Outlook for Mac, this allows you to enjoy many of the best features of Mail and Calendar and Outlook for Mac.”

The following instructions demonstrate how to subscribe to a Hebcal calendar on, and then synchronize those calendars to Outlook for Mac on your desktop.

1. Open a web browser on your macOS computer.

2. Fill out the form with your preferences and click the Create Calendar button

3. Click the Download… button

4. Select the Outlook Web option from the Download dialog box

5. Click the Add to button. This button will take you directly to Microsoft’s Outlook Web calendar import page

6. If prompted, login using your Microsoft username and password

7. When Outlook Web prompts you to Subscribe from web, confirm your options (such as color and charm) and then click the Import button

8. Return to Outlook for Mac on your macOS computer. Go to the Calendar view, then select Tools > Sync

9. Check the box next to the Hebcal calendar in the Other Calendars section on the left side of the page and your events will display

Triennial Torah Reading revision

Hebcal triennial Torah readings have been updated to reflect the November 2020 responsa from the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Rabbinical Assembly.

The CJLS modified the triennial cycle for some combined parshiyot to change the reading for year 3 to be the third section of the parashah.

The following parshiyot have been modified:

Further details are available in the responsa: Modification of the Triennial Cycle Readings for Combined Parashot in Certain Years, Rabbi Miles B. Cohen, November 16, 2020

Hebcal for Apple Watch beta

We’re pleased to announce a public beta of Hebcal on the Apple Watch! Sign up for Hebcal Watch Beta so we can collect your feedback and improve the app.

Hebcal Hebrew Calendar provides watch face complications with today’s Hebrew date and this week’s Torah portion. The watch app displays the next 60 days of Hebrew/Gregorian dates and upcoming Jewish holidays. No frills, no gimmicks, no notifications, just an easy way to glance at the date and parsha.

The Hebrew date and weekly Torah portion can be displayed as transliterations in Sephardic (e.g. “Shabbat” or “Sukkot”) or Ashkenazi (e.g. “Shabbos” or “Sukkos”) or in Hebrew (e.g. “שַׁבָּת” or “סוּכּוֹת”).

Select Israel from the settings if you are based in Israel and want to see the Israeli Jewish holiday & Torah reading schedule. The default setting is for Diaspora (outside of Israel).

The app requires an iPhone with iOS 13.0 or later and an Apple Watch® with watchOS 7.0 or later. The app requires an iPhone to install, but there is no companion iPhone app. It runs only on the watch.

As of September 2021, there are two ways to get the watch app:

  1. Sign up for Hebcal Watch Beta so we can collect your feedback and improve the app! The public beta installs via TestFlight, which will let you get early access to any new features
  2. Install the released version of the app directly from the App Store:

iPhone and Android apps will come eventually. Please stay tuned!

If have an iPhone but no Apple Watch, you can still get Hebcal holidays on your device via our download/subscribe process.

G’mar Chatima Tova

גְּמַר חֲתִימָה טוֹבָה

Outlook Mac – delete Hebcal Jewish calendar merged events

Follow these steps to remove Hebcal events from Microsoft Outlook for macOS and you didn’t use the Subscription feature.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook for macOS, and uncheck all calendars except for the one that contains Hebcal events.

2. In the search box on the upper-right, type the text “hebcal” and press Return to select Events that contain “hebcal”

3. Click on the first item in the search results pane on the right. Then, Select All by using ⌘-A (Command-A) on your keyboard. Or, scroll to the bottom, and holding down the Shift key, click on the last item in the search results pane on the right.

4. When prompted Are you sure you want to permanently delete these events? click the Delete button to confirm