Upcoming improvements to hebcal.com

Sometime before Pesach, I hope to change the Hebcal Torah Readings pages to correctly show special haftara/maftir when the Parashat ha-Shavua corresponds with a special day like Rosh Chodesh or Shabbat Shekalim.

Currently we’re displaying this message:

NOTE: This site does not yet indicate special maftir or haftarah when they occur. Always check a luach or consult with your rabbi to determine if this Shabbat has a special maftir and/or a special haftarah.

But of course it would be much better if the website actually had the proper data. This would make hebcal.com one step closer to being a full luach.

There are a bunch of other feature requests and bugs to fix this year, too.

Added News section

Just in time for the (Gregorian) New Year, we’ve added a News section to the hebcal.com website. Here you’ll find out about changes and improvements to the Hebcal Interactive Jewish Calendar and related web tools.

Kol Tuv!