Tu B’Av 2106 / טוּ בְּאָב 5866

Minor Jewish holiday of love ❤️

Tu B'Av for Hebrew Year 5866 begins at sundown on and ends at nightfall on .

Tu B’Av (Hebrew: ט״ו באב, the fifteenth of the month Av) is a minor Jewish holiday. In modern-day Israel, it is celebrated as a holiday of love (חג האהבה Ḥag HaAhava). It has been said to be an auspicious day for weddings.

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Dates for Tu B’Av

HolidayStartsEndsHebrew Date
Tu B'Av 2103 15 Av 5863
Tu B'Av 2104 15 Av 5864
Tu B'Av 2105 15 Av 5865
Tu B'Av 2106 15 Av 5866
Tu B'Av 2107 15 Av 5867
Tu B'Av 2108 15 Av 5868
Tu B'Av 2109 15 Av 5869
Tu B'Av 2110 15 Av 5870


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The Jewish Holidays: A Guide & Commentary

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