Yahrzeit candles should be lit the evening before the date specified. This is because the Jewish day actually begins at sundown on the previous night.

Mon, 27 Dec 2021Ploni ben Plonit's 52nd Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Mon, 16 Jan 2023Ploni ben Plonit's 53rd Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Thu, 4 Jan 2024Ploni ben Plonit's 54th Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Thu, 23 Jan 2025Ploni ben Plonit's 55th Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Mon, 12 Jan 2026Ploni ben Plonit's 56th Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Sat, 2 Jan 2027Ploni ben Plonit's 57th Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Sat, 22 Jan 2028Ploni ben Plonit's 58th Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Wed, 10 Jan 2029Ploni ben Plonit's 59th Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Sat, 29 Dec 2029Ploni ben Plonit's 60th Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Sat, 18 Jan 2031Ploni ben Plonit's 61st Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Wed, 7 Jan 2032Ploni ben Plonit's 62nd Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Sat, 25 Dec 2032Ploni ben Plonit's 63rd Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Sat, 14 Jan 2034Ploni ben Plonit's 64th Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Thu, 4 Jan 2035Ploni ben Plonit's 65th Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)
Wed, 23 Jan 2036Ploni ben Plonit's 66th Yahrzeit (23rd of Tevet)

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Yahrzeit refers to the anniversary, according to the Hebrew calendar, of the day of death of a loved one. Alternative spellings include yahrtzeit, yortsayt, and yartzeit. On the anniversary of a death, it is the custom to light a candle to commemorate the departure of a loved one. [1]

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