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Yes. The code is freely available under the terms of The BSD License.

Download from depends on, currently a fork of the mainline repository.

The only difference between the main hebcal/hebcal program and the mjradwin fork is the use of a different sunrise/sunset algorithm that supports Olson tzdb timezones

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When hebcal exports to CSV format, it puts the text “Jewish Holidays” in the Location field. That is there to make it easy to remove entries from your calendar if you got the wrong settings. For example, if you were using candle-lighting times but entered the wrong zip code, you could follow these instructions to remove all of the incorrect entries:

  1. Open your Calendar and on the View menu point to Current View and click Events
  2. Click the Location column heading to sort the list of holidays by Location (you should see “Jewish Holidays” in the location field for the holidays that you imported from CSV)
  3. Click to select the first holiday you want to delete
  4. Hold down SHIFT and click the last holiday you want to delete
  5. Press DELETE to remove all the selected holidays from your Calendar

To delete candle-lighting times, use these instructions:

  1. Open your Calendar and on the View menu point to Current View and click Active Appointments
  2. Do steps 2-5 above

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Some users have a mismatch between the date format they are downloading (USA vs. European) and the setting you’re using in your control panel. This usually results in events that were supposed to take place, for example, on September 2nd instead showing up on February 9th (i.e. the date “9/2” vs. the date “2/9”).

If you downloaded a calendar with the wrong dates for events, follow our delete Hebcal Jewish calendar from Outlook instructions to make it quick and painless to remove the incorrect information.

To find out the root cause of the mismatch, go to “Regional Options” Control Panel and pick “Date”, and compare the date format you’re using. For example:

[Regional Options Dialog Box]

If it says “M/d/yyyy” like mine does, be sure to download the USA format from If it says “dd-MMM-yy”, be sure to download European format from

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We’ve fixed a timezone issue for Arizona that was affecting Apple iCal, Google Calendar, and other iCalendar users. now uses the “America/Phoenix” timezone instead of “US/Mountain” for all candle-lighting and havdalah times in the state of Arizona. Our apologies if you were getting times that were fine on the website but one hour off when you exported. Try again and let us know if you’re still seeing the problem.
Shana Tova u’Metukah.