Sigd 2034 / סיגד 5795

Ethiopian Jewish holiday occurring 50 days after Yom Kippur ✡️

Sigd for Hebrew Year 5795 begins at sundown on and ends at nightfall on .

Sigd is an Amharic word meaning "prostration" or "worship" and is the commonly used name for a holiday celebrated by the Ethiopian Jewish community on the 29th of the Hebrew month of Cheshvan. This date is exactly 50 days after Yom Kippur, usually falling out in late October or November, and according to Ethiopian Jewish tradition is also the date that G-d first revealed himself to Moses.
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Dates for Sigd

HolidayStartsEndsHebrew Date
Sigd 2031 29 Cheshvan 5792
Sigd 2032 29 Cheshvan 5793
Sigd 2033 29 Cheshvan 5794
Sigd 2034 29 Cheshvan 5795
Sigd 2035 29 Cheshvan 5796
Sigd 2036 29 Cheshvan 5797
Sigd 2037 29 Cheshvan 5798
Sigd 2038 29 Cheshvan 5799


Shabbat Machar Chodesh / שַׁבָּת מָחָר חוֹדֶשׁ

Haftarah: I Samuel 20:18-42 · 25 p’sukim


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