Shabbat Shirah 2037 / שַׁבָּת שִׁירָה 5797

Shabbat of Song 🕍

Shabbat Shirah for Hebrew Year 5797 begins at sundown on and ends at nightfall on .

Shabbat Shirah (“Sabbath [of] song” שבת שירה) is the name given to the Shabbat that includes Parsha Beshalach. The Torah reading of the week contains the Song of the sea (Exodus 15:1–18). This was the song by the Children of Israel after the Passage of the Red Sea.

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Dates for Shabbat Shirah

HolidayStartsEndsHebrew Date
Shabbat Shirah 2034 15 Sh’vat 5794
Shabbat Shirah 2035 10 Sh’vat 5795
Shabbat Shirah 2036 11 Sh’vat 5796
Shabbat Shirah 2037 15 Sh’vat 5797
Shabbat Shirah 2038 10 Sh’vat 5798
Shabbat Shirah 2039 11 Sh’vat 5799
Shabbat Shirah 2040 13 Sh’vat 5800
Shabbat Shirah 2041 17 Sh’vat 5801


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The Jewish Holidays: A Guide & Commentary

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