Family Day 2035 / יוֹם הַמִּשׁפָּחָה 5795

Yom HaMishpacha, a day to honor the family unit 🇮🇱

Family Day for Hebrew Year 5795 begins at sundown on and ends at nightfall on .

Yom HaMishpacha (Hebrew: יום המשפחה) is a day to honor the family unit, as a whole, and its centrality to our lives. In the 1990s, the last day of Shevat was declared Family Day in Israel, in memory of Henrietta Szold, American-born founder of Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America.

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Dates for Family Day

HolidayStartsEndsHebrew Date
Family Day 2032 30 Sh'vat 5792
Family Day 2033 30 Sh'vat 5793
Family Day 2034 30 Sh'vat 5794
Family Day 2035 30 Sh'vat 5795
Family Day 2036 30 Sh'vat 5796
Family Day 2037 30 Sh'vat 5797
Family Day 2038 30 Sh'vat 5798
Family Day 2039 30 Sh'vat 5799


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