Ben-Gurion Day 1998 / יוֹם בן־גוריון 5759

Commemorates the life and vision of Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion 🇮🇱

Ben-Gurion Day for Hebrew Year 5759 began on and ended on .

Ben-Gurion Day (Hebrew: יום בן־גוריון‎) is an Israeli national holiday celebrated annually on the sixth of the Hebrew month of Kislev, to commemorate the life and vision of Zionist leader, and Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. If the sixth of Kislev falls on Shabbat eve, or on Shabbat, the memorial day is held on the following Sunday.

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Dates for Ben-Gurion Day

HolidayStartsEndsHebrew Date
Ben-Gurion Day 1995 6 Kislev 5756
Ben-Gurion Day 1996 6 Kislev 5757
Ben-Gurion Day 1997 8 Kislev 5758
Ben-Gurion Day 1998 6 Kislev 5759
Ben-Gurion Day 1999 6 Kislev 5760
Ben-Gurion Day 2000 6 Kislev 5761
Ben-Gurion Day 2001 6 Kislev 5762
Ben-Gurion Day 2002 6 Kislev 5763


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