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Thanks to Alan Ziv, an error in the Vayigash full kriyah aliyot list has been fixed.

The corrected list looks like this:

1: 44:18-30 (13 p’sukim)
2: 44:31-45:7 (11 p’sukim)
3: 45:8-18 (11 p’sukim)
4: 45:19-27 (9 p’sukim)
5: 45:28-46:27 (28 p’sukim)
6: 46:28-47:10 (17 p’sukim)
7: 47:11-27 (17 p’sukim)
maf: 47:25-27 (3 p’sukim)

Previously the website had incorrectly listed the third, fourth and fifth aliyot as:

3: 45:8-27 (20 p’sukim)
4: 45:28-46:7 (8 p’sukim)
5: 46:8-27 (20 p’sukim)

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This message is a little late, but I’d like to wish a sweet New Year to all of my users.

Or, perhaps I should extend an early Chag Sukkot Sameach!

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Due to some confusion with Israeli vs. Diaspora sedra schemes, I have modified the user interface on the Interactive Calendar page to make the option easier to use. Instead of a checkbox, it’s now displayed as a radio button (a choice between the two options).

You should select the appropriate option depending on where you live (Israeli sedra scheme for those living inside Israel, Diaspora for everyone else).

I have also fixed the 1-Click Shabbat service (both web and email versions) to automatically select Israeli sedra scheme for cities in Israel.

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A couple of folks using iCal reported some problems with the Hebcal export option for iCal. Apparently the iCalendar file format is slightly incompatible with the vCalendar format used by Lotus Notes and some other apps.

To address this issue, the website now offers both .vcs (vCalendar) and .ics (iCalendar) files for download. The .ics files now have a string timezone identifier (such as TZID=US/Eastern). I think I’ve got these working for the US, but I don’t yet have them working for international cities.