Shabbat Zachor / שבת זכור

Shabbat Zachor ("Sabbath [of] remembrance שבת זכור) is the Shabbat immediately preceding Purim. Deuteronomy 25:17-19, describing the attack by Amalek, is recounted. There is a tradition from the Talmud that Haman, the antagonist of the Purim story, was descended from Amalek. The portion that is read includes a commandment to remember the attack by Amalek, and therefore at this public reading both men and women make a special effort to hear the reading.

Shabbat Zachor begins at sundown on Fri, 19 February 2021.

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List of Dates

Shabbat Zachor begins on:

Torah Reading

Torah Portion: Deuteronomy 25:17 - 25:19 (special maftir)

maf: Deuteronomy 25:17-19 (3 p'sukim)

Haftarah: I Samuel 15:2 - 15:34


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