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Fri04-Jan-2013Candle lighting: 4:14pm
Sat05-Jan-2013Parashat Shemot
Sat05-Jan-2013Havdalah (43 min): 5:16pm
Fri11-Jan-2013Candle lighting: 4:23pm
Sat12-Jan-2013Parashat Vaera
Sat12-Jan-2013Rosh Chodesh Sh'vat
Sat12-Jan-2013Havdalah (43 min): 5:25pm
Fri18-Jan-2013Candle lighting: 4:32pm
Sat19-Jan-2013Parashat Bo
Sat19-Jan-2013Havdalah (43 min): 5:35pm
Fri25-Jan-2013Candle lighting: 4:43pm
Sat26-Jan-2013Parashat Beshalach
Sat26-Jan-2013Tu BiShvat
Sat26-Jan-2013Havdalah (43 min): 5:45pm