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Mon01-Oct-2012Sukkot I
Mon01-Oct-2012Havdalah (72 min): 6:36pm
Tue02-Oct-2012Sukkot II (CH''M)
Wed03-Oct-2012Sukkot III (CH''M)
Thu04-Oct-2012Sukkot IV (CH''M)
Fri05-Oct-2012Sukkot V (CH''M)
Fri05-Oct-2012Candle lighting: 5:00pm
Sat06-Oct-2012Sukkot VI (CH''M)
Sat06-Oct-2012Havdalah (72 min): 6:29pm
Sun07-Oct-2012Sukkot VII (Hoshana Raba)
Sun07-Oct-2012Candle lighting: 4:58pm
Mon08-Oct-2012Shmini Atzeret
Mon08-Oct-2012Havdalah (72 min): 6:27pm
Fri12-Oct-2012Candle lighting: 4:52pm
Sat13-Oct-2012Parashat Bereshit
Sat13-Oct-2012Havdalah (72 min): 6:20pm
Tue16-Oct-2012Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
Wed17-Oct-2012Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
Fri19-Oct-2012Candle lighting: 4:43pm
Sat20-Oct-2012Parashat Noach
Sat20-Oct-2012Havdalah (72 min): 6:12pm
Fri26-Oct-2012Candle lighting: 4:36pm
Sat27-Oct-2012Parashat Lech-Lecha
Sat27-Oct-2012Havdalah (72 min): 6:05pm